Welcome to Auditions


We're glad to have you! Auditioning for Old NasSoul is simple and fun. Auditions are open to all freshman and sophomore guys, and we encourage all to come to try out regardless of prior singing experience. Sign up for an audition slot by searching for "Old NasSoul" on wase.princeton.edu!


Not sure you want to audition? Come hang out with Old NasSoul at our Open House on Saturday 9/11 at 6-8 pm in Bloomberg 067! Old NasSoul will perform some of our repertoire and you can sing karaoke with friends or members of Old NasSoul.

The audition is divided into several parts:​


These will help warm your voice up and give the group a sense of the range and quality of your voice.

Pitch Matching

We will play a sequence of three to four  notes and ask you sing them back to us.


We will play several chords with three to four notes each, and you will be asked to sing them back to us in any order.


We will ask you to sing a note, increasing then decreasing in volume in one breath. This will test your breath support and control.


You will sing a verse and chorus of a song of your choosing. This is your chance to shine and show us some soul and flavor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our music director, Ed Horan (ehoran@princeton.edu), and he will get back to you promptly!